We are artists.

We are technicians.

Our art is digital entertainment production. Our performances are more than a simple video mixing, it is an experience you will never forget.

As experience architects, graphic designers, visuals artist, vjs, photograpers and tecnitians with international experience are driven to make your event,  parties, internationals djs, opening, gala, festival, etc. creative, unique and customized to you.

We manage every detail so that the visual experience is both a highlight and a cohesive part of the entire show.



Niko Schiavi
Architectural designer, CG designer,
visual artist 
Ayelen del Rivero
web & graphic designer, motion graphics,
visual artist
VJs:         Niko Schiavi
                 Aye del Rivero
                 Chenu Grinovero
                 Marcelo Schiavi
Graphic Designer:      Ayelen del Rivero
CG Artist:       Niko Schiavi
                         Joan Acosta
PH:         Genuina photo | Chenu G. |  Nico Dominguez |                 Emilio Kuffer | Bloom Graphics
Animators:        Adriano Mariotto
                              Marcelo Schiavi
Light designer:     Jebu Gonzalez
Digital Artists:      Jake Fried | Nobody Beats The Drum |                                                              Eric Pare | Motion Array | ohyeahwow |  
                                  Julius Horsthuis | Catmac | Kim Pimmel |
                                 Andy Thomas | Beeple


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